Hey guys. As I have said previously, geocaching is my favorite hobby and it has changed my life for the better in countless ways. That’s why one of the first things I do, whenever I make a new friend, is to make sure to recommend it to them, if they’re interested.

You know, geocaching is so much more than moving around, and staring at automatic watches and maps and GPS devices, as people may initially think. It has numerous benefits you won’t even think of, if only you give it a chance. Naturally, if you’re not into this kind of stuff, there are many other great hobbies you can take up, but with this post, I want to draw attention to those benefits and maybe spark your interest!

Geocaching will definitely get you to move your body, and need I even talk about the ? And mind you, this isn’t some strenuous HIIT workout or a boring run on the treadmill (not that there’s anything wrong in doing that if you like it!), but it’s more of an unconventional exercise that engages your body, your mind, and your senses. So with geocaching, you’ll get those glutes activated while getting some fresh air and exploring some new and amazing locations. Not to mention you get to discover hidden treasures, so yay for the treats!

In addition to making your body stronger, geocaching makes your mind stronger, as well. What I’m talking about here is that it boosts mental health: it can relieve stress, help you unlock your creativity, and also help you break down any mental blocks you might have. Overall, it makes you more present and sharpens your mental skills, thereby . Being in nature often does all of this, but when you add the element of purpose – to follow a map and find the hidden cache – the experience is much more stimulating and rewarding.

It is also highly educational, so for you trivia geeks out there, geocaching is perfect! Did you know that many of the popular geocaches are located either at or near historically or geographically significant sites and many of them will contain some info or even trivia about the location? Also, whenever the geocachers explore a new area they are required to learn something about it beforehand tо help them orient themselves. With geocaching, you really do learn something new every day!

And lastly, you’ll make tons of new friends and make many new wonderful memories. Now, isn’t that worth it?