Obviously, geocaching is something you do locally unless you care to travel quite a ways. As busy as I am, I will stick with the regional version. I am busy setting up shop and getting acquainted. I move around a lot and you might say that I am a “serial renter”, a person who lives in all kinds of houses and apartments and has a stream of things that I’ve from previous locations. I certainly know what I like and don’t like in a home. Fortunately, I met someone in town who is in real estate when not geocaching for fun. She listens to all my ranting and raving about getting a steady address when I am finished with the military. I go on about the size and number of bedrooms and the square feet of the kitchen and baths. I have even imagined a picture window in the living room with a clear view of the tree-lined street. Yes, I insist on residing amid ample greenery in every direction.

Apart from the scenic vistas from my home, I want to have all the practical amenities associated with comfort and ease. To be ecologically-minded, I want a complete solar installation to save energy costs on things like heating, air conditioning, and hot water. Speaking of that, my real estate friend mentioned the trend in space and energy saving tankless systems from . This is a must if you have more than one bathroom and a heated swimming pool. I wouldn’t mind adding that to my list of “musts.”  I was lucky to meet someone like minded who enjoys geocaching and shooting the breeze about lifestyles. My big move to my ultimate home could be any day now.